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  • Like so many nonprofits, we are challenged by the need to spread the word about our work but have limited resources to spend on advertising and marketing. Your organization makes it possible to tell our story of delivering critical medical aid to vulnerable people all over the world to a new audience, and the chance to raise precious dollars at the same time makes it all the more valuable.
    Raissa M. Smorol - Direct Relief International
  • It was an absolute honor to have WildAid featured and we hope we can be on the Dollar Per Month site again in the future. I enjoyed working with Dollar Per Month and appreciated the high level of quick-response communication.
    Zach Weismann - WILDAID
  • Thanks so much for including us, Doug. Dollar Per Month is a great concept and we really hope it continues to gain support. Your team was very helpful especially the marketing tips!
    Annette Gregg, MBA - Project Concern International
  • Working with Dollar Per Month was a wonderful experience for Sea Turtle Conservancy. We were honored to have been selected as a featured organization, and are grateful for the opportunity to share our passion and mission with a whole new audience.
    Chris Ann Keehner - Sea Turtle Conservancy
  • Project A.L.S. was honored to work with Dollar per Month, and our experience couldn't have been better. Their team helped us to shape our presence on their site and our social strategy to get the word out to our followers.
    Erin Fleming - Project A.L.S.
  • Although it was a "competition" it really felt like everyone won - the charities, the Dollar Per Month community, and most importantly, the people we are all aiming to serve.
    Jessica - One Acre Fund
  • I choose to support Dollar per Month because I truly believe in the work the Doug and Jason are doing with the non-profit. Having the ability to vote for the ever changing options, gets you involved and makes you really think about where your money is going. Instead of just having it come out of your bank account and forgetting that you’re even giving. It shows that you can make a difference with as little as $1.
    The Mac Store
  • It was great to share the fundraising tool with our current pool of social media followers, giving them another online way to connect with and support our mission. Thanks Dollar Per Month for helping us raise the needed dollars to serve children and families in crisis!
    Drew Bryson - Giving Children Hope
  • Thank you Dollar Per Month for including us as one of your featured charities and the magnificent job you did representing us. The funds will help us in our quest to find treatments and cures for devastating diseases, and we would be more than honored to be included again in the future.
    Elliot Wolf - The Scripps Research Institute
  • Dollar Per Month was very communicative throughout the campaign and let us participate at the level we were comfortable with. Not only did they raise funds, but they also raised awareness for our mission, which is so important and invaluable to our organization (Homes for Our Troops).
    Cara Yanosick - Homes for Our Troops


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