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DPM™ Board Members

Jason Clerget

Jason was born and raised outside of Seattle, Washington. Jason attended Eastern Washington University where he was Student Body President his senior year. After college Jason owned and operated a bar and grill until he helped found Dollar Per Month™ in 2011.

Jason C

Doug Clerget

Doug was born and raised outside of Tacoma, Washington. Doug attended Eastern Washington University and then worked in finance and commercial real estate and then co-founded Dollar Per Month™ in 2011. Doug is also an active board member and advisor for a montessori school in the Seattle area.

Doug C (2)

Chris Hancock

Chris has a business creating custom software for medium and large sized companies and has worked in the software industry since 1997. Prior to that, he practiced estate and contract law. Chris has also served on the board of a non-profit private school for the past 20 years.

Chris Hancock

Advisory Board

Dollar Per Month™ (DPM™) is in the process of organizing an Advisory Board to assist in setting policies and procedures to ensure that DPM™ achieves its goal of helping making the world a better place for many years to come. The Advisory Board will also assist in evaluating and vetting charities to ensure each is reputable, legitimate, making a positive impact on the world, and that the vast majority of donations will go directly to the cause. DPM™ is recruiting Advisory Board members who are well-known to actively support philanthropic projects making a positive impact on the world.


Just like the charities we are looking for, Dollar Per Month™ (DPM™) strives to keep our administrative costs as low as possible – currently we have two staff members: Jason and Doug. We both share in the day-to-day responsibilities of running DPM™. These responsibilities include networking through social media, television, print, radio, etc. so that we can get Dollar Per Month™ information in as many hands as possible. We work with our Advisory Board to determine each month’s charities, and we are also the DPM™ webmasters. Jason and Doug can be reached at (425) 312-3139.